Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SidNeY ShELdON : Are You afraid of the Dark??

"The master of the unexpected".

In New York, Denver, Paris and Berlin, four people have died in what appear to be random accidents. When two women:widows of the dead-find themselves under merciless attack, their fear and confusion help them to form an unlikely alience, But why are they being targeted? Is there a connection to their husbands' mysterious deaths?

A must have a copy on your book shelf.

Selling Price: RM28( excluding delivery charges)

Captive Splendors

Storyboard: Crushed by the cruetly of a man she thought she loved, Wren is running from a horror no woman should ever endure. Desprate to escape the nightmare of London, she seeks sanctuary aboard the Sea Sirenm captained by the notorious rogue Caleb. Yet the voyage to America is anything but calm as stormy passions, hidden dangers and treachery dare Wren to entrust her battered heart to entrust her battered heart to the one forbidden man who can awaken her deepest desires.
New York Times Bestselling Author : FERN MICHAELS

Selling Price: RM 8 (excluding delivery charges)

To the Gates of HELL

It is about Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima & Japan's Darkest Hours!
John Mung's great grandson, Captain Kenji is deeply involved in his country's preparation for a bitter and bloody conflict. He is an Air Force office and a powerful figure in the world of aircraft manufacture. As the novel opens, his uncle Hiroki Koin, an extremely senior political figure, is facing an attempted coup by fanatical right-wing militarist.
557 pages
2nd hand
Selling Price: RM 5 (excluding delivery charges)

The KinKy Friedman CriMe CLub

This books is suitable for those who like a private investigation kind of stories. It has 3 storylines in one book.
One minute with the author: kinKy friedman is the author of five highly acclaimed detective stories featuring himself as the wise cracking, cigar smoking, cat loving sleuth.

Selling Price: RM8 ( excluding delivery charges)

HoRRoR NoVeL : The Lost Aycliffe

The chilling story of the supernatural.
British born Michael, sciion of a long line of Romanian aritocrats, leaves his country of birth and his love to reclaim is heritage- a draculian castle deep in the heart of Transylvania. He plans to turn his inheritance into an orphanage in the new post-Ceausescu. There, he enlists the help of a young local lawyer, Liliana to search for the missing Feraru millions and battle through the complex maze of old bureaucracy in the scamm-rich, newly born state.

Selling Price: RM8 ( excluding delivery charges)

The Mark of the BULL

This book is about Mark Allen who is known as Bull all around New Zealand and overseas as well. He is a rugby player with a difference.
A very good book for collection.

Hard Cover
Selling Price: RM 18 (excluding delivery charges)

InTo ThE IcE - WoMan's JourNeY InTo the AnTaRCtiC

This book is amazing. It is about Sharifah Mazlina who complete her 1100km journey alone in the Antarctic. Her expedition also created a new world record as she traversed the terrain in only 22 days. Lots of good photos.
Writer : Bernice Chauly

Selling price: RM38 (excluding delivery charges)